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Some of the Latest Mobile Slot Games

There are new mobile slot games being introduced all the time, and some of the latest games are very interactive and offer a lot of incredible features. They display really well on mobile devices and are very easy to use. Slot games in general have progressed so quickly over the last few years, and there is now a lot more emphasis on the entertainment side so you really enjoy your time playing the new games.

But while these slots are fun to play, the main goal for most people is to win some money too. So you will find that the entertainment behind these games comes from the exciting bonus features that they offer. You will find that a lot of them have many different ways of activating the bonus features, and these will include things like Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatter Pays and other interactive features that give you different options that can help you increase your wins.

New and popular mobile slot games

Here are some of the most popular mobile slot games that are available in the mobile casinos mentioned on this page. There are always new mobile games being added to the casinos on a regular basis too, so any new releases will be available for you to play the day they are made available to the public.

Thunderstruck II mobile slotthunderstruck II mobile slot

The sequel to the very popular Thunderstruck game, Thunderstruck II has been a massive hit across all platforms. When it was made available on mobile casinos it quickly became one of the most widely played slot games. It is a 5 x 3 video reel games that has up to 243 different paylines for you to win on. The game offers a wide range of bonus features, all of which run and display extremely well on your mobile device. Play Thunderstruck II here

Immortal Romance mobile slot

immortal romance mobile slotImmortal Romance was a brand designed specifically for Microgaming and focused on a popular concept of Zombies, Werewolves, Witches, Vampires and of course, Paranormal Romance. The perfect ingredients for a fun and exciting mobile slot game. The amazing graphics and accompanying audio really bring the game to life and when you see the wide range of bonus features that the game has to offer, you will quickly see just how much fun this game is to play. Play Immortal Romance here

Kathmandu mobile slot

Newly released on the summer of 2014, the Kathmandu mobile slot offers a game for those with a sense of adventure. The theme is based around trekking in the amazing city of Kathmandu in Nepal and features some mesmerizing views and scenery from this hypnotic place. The game itself offers a lot of varied features, and plenty of opportunities to hit some big winning combinations and accumulate a lot of credits through the Free Spins, Wilds and other exciting bonuses.

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Play Kathmandu here

Summertime mobile slot

summertime mobile slotThe Summertime mobile slot game is another new release for the summer of 2014. It has a very clean design and theme to it, and will get you in the holiday mood as soon as you start playing it. If you want a game with a happy feel to it, then this is a great choice. The game is fairly simple in that it does not baffle you with complicated features and overly detailed graphics. That being said, the bonus features that the game offers a great fun and really in-keeping with the overall theme. Certain to be a hit for the summer and beyond. Play Summertime here

Start playing these mobile slots now

You can start playing any or all of these mobile slot games, as well as many others right now by creating a free account at any of the below mentioned mobile casinos. Once you have an account you will be able to see all of the new games as they are released too, as they will be added to the casino for you to play. Also, on all of these casinos when you sign up and create a new account you will receive a sign-up bonus too.

Mobile Casino Action – sign up here

Mobile Luxury Casino – sign up here

UK Casino Club Mobile – sign up here

mobile slots

Mobile Slots

In the fast moving world of technology we are seeing more and more things going towards mobile platforms. This is now the case for online slot machines, and we are seeing a rapid growth of new mobile slots appearing all the time. There is a wide range of online slot games for mobile devices available on the many mobile casinos, so finding the games you like to play should not be a problem.

The speed of the processors now used in the latest smart phones make it possible to play some of the more detailed video slot games. Built on the HTML 5 platform allows them to be resized to fit the smaller displays used on mobile devices, so that they stay in perfect ratio. With all this in place we are now seeing the most detailed and fastest mobile slots available.

Where to find the best mobile slots

Although there are quite a lot of mobile casinos available now, and more being added to the list every month, it is important that you find a stable casino that has a good reputation and provides a very secure place for you to play. Some of the newer mobile casinos are just not built to a safe standard, and not only are they unstable so you can find the games freeze or you get locked out of the casino, but they may not also be very secure to play on and perform any financial transactions. Check out the last post on about security with online casinos you might want to get started sooner than you thought.

Fortunately there are some very good casinos that have a wide range of mobile slots for you to play. You are able to create a free account at any of these more established mobile casinos and then choose from their wide selection of slot and table games. These casinos are among the best available, so not only are you getting a safe and stable platform to play on, but you will also see a lot of new mobile slot games added to the casinos on a regular basis. We recommend you to check the official websites of online casinos but also to read other reliable sites, reviews and tips. A good site to check is and their Top Online Casinos In Canada section. Even if you’re not based in Canada, the games available with these casinos might be in your country too.

Here are some of the best mobile casinos that you can sign up to now and start playing their games right away. All of these casinos offer a sign-up bonus too, so you can get yourself ahead of the game right from the beginning.

Mobile UK Casino

As the name of this mobile casino suggests, it has a strong British theme to it. The casinos in the mobile slot gamesUK are a little different to the mega casinos found in places like Las Vegas, but this does not mean that they do not have as much to offer as their bigger US cousins. In fact, the mobile UK Casino Club has some of the newest mobile slots available and is one of the most popular mobile casino sites with people from all over the world.

Casino Classic Mobile

The mobile version of Casino Classic offers a great experience for all of its members. Not only is the casino easy to navigate and use, but it also has a lot to offer for players of all levels. The casino displays perfectly on capable mobile devices and the games all run very smoothly. You will find that new games are introduced to the casino on a regular basis and these include some of the very latest slot and table games.

mobile-slots-3Golden Tiger Casino Mobile

The Golden Tiger online casino has long been a favourite with many online gamblers, so their decision to add a mobile version was a very popular one with their members. This is another casino that has all of the latest mobile slots, along with old favourites too. When you create a free account at this casino you get a sign up bonus of up to €/£/$1,500 over your first five deposits. This will give you the opportunity to not only try out the mobile slot games available on site, but also to win some money on the casino too.

Casino Action Mobile

Casino Action is one of the more established and popular online casinos, and their mobile version has been a massive hit since it was released. This modern casino offers a vast range of games and provides a very stable platform on which you can play them. You can expect to see new games being added to the casino on a very regular basis, and the level of support they provide is top-notch too. When you sign up to the mobile Casino Action you will receive a €/£/$1,250 sign up bonus over your first five deposits.

Mobile Luxury Casino

The name of this casinos suggests what you will find inside, with the stylish layout being very mobile-slots-4aappealing to its users. The Mobile Luxury Casino is another popular choice with both new and established players. It offers a wide range of mobile casino games and makes it very easy for the user to navigate around the casino. You will be able to make your game selection quickly and easily from your mobile device and enjoy the quality that it offers. You will also receive up to €/£/$1,000 in sign up bonuses over the first five deposits you make after you have created your new account.

Enjoy all of the latest mobile slot games

You can sign up to any of these five mobile casinos mentioned above and enjoy a smooth and trouble-free mobile gaming experience. They all update their mobile slots and table games on a regular basis. So you will find the latest video slots, progressive slots and any other mobile casino games as they come out. …